show diary


friday, november 9, 2001.
jessica, back from one of the nation's finest southwestern airport hotels and tearing down a karaoke joint with her rousing rendition of 'last dance', also brought back a raging cold that stole her voice. the team gulped vitamin c and zinc and rocked hard in practice to appease the gods. rachel, showing extreme courage, offered to take the lead on the mike at her first show as a verveinite.

saturday, november 10, 2001.
awoke to grey, rainy weather, making it real easy to sleep the day away, which most of us did to stave off pre-show jitters. jess could sing! armed with allison's golden tin of berry gerthers, sped across the bridge to albany and an unknown fate. the rest of the nite unfolded in seeming slo-mo. started the set with the delicately ghostly keenings of saw on 'cautious' courtesy of g-bus' talented jeff palmer. caught in the blur: spastic interpretive dancing woman who cleared out the front of the crowd, decried the lame zombiehood of generation x and then proceeded to snake her arm around esther's husband, to be pushed away in defensive dread ("not my finest moment" he sighed ruefully, "but it had to be done." cheers from the audience!); the palpable terror our collection of equipment and street-tough looks induced in one of the elderly proprietors, causing her to follow us around to make sure we didn't blow up the place or steal any beer; and the very stinky gentleman that wailed almost in tune during the opening of 'mush' and had to be hauled away so folks could breathe. when we came to, the audience seemed to enjoy what had come to pass. granfaloon bus displayed an enviably easy grace and refined musicality in their set. it was damn good! we drank more beer. the end. e.